Health Technology Assessment in Canada: Opportunities for Optimization and Redesign

The Conference Board of Canada, 84 pages, July 18, 2017
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This report shines light on the contemporary health technology assessment (HTA) landscape in Canada and documents the challenge of HTA functions. Comparison with the U.K. and Germany reveals potential lessons for Canada.

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Health technology assessment (HTA) is used to determine the relative costs and benefits of health technologies, often employing health economic evaluation to inform decision-making regarding access, prioritization, reimbursement, and pricing. Its purpose is to help stakeholders make informed decisions that harness the benefits of technology while getting value for money.

Health Technology Assessment in Canada: Opportunities for Optimization and Redesign discusses the HTA landscape in Canada, assesses two international approaches and learnings for Canada (the United Kingdom and Germany), and identifies opportunities for HTA redesign to ensure value for dollars. One of the important challenges to be addressed in HTA is how it is used from a policy and practice perspective—that is, does HTA adequately influence decisions and does it support an efficient and effective health care system?

Table of Contents


Chapter 1–Introduction

  • What Is HTA?
  • How Is HTA Generated and Used?
  • The Intent of This Report
  • Methodology
  • Limitations

Chapter 2–The Fundamentals of HTA

Chapter 3–The Changing Landscape of HTA in Canada

  • A Pan-Canadian Perspective
  • Ontario’s Experience
  • Quebec’s Experience
  • Alberta’s Experience
  • British Columbia’s Experience
  • HTA in Other Countries

Chapter 4–Online Survey Results From HTA Producers

  • Areas of Focus
  • Number and Type of Staff
  • Size and Sources of Funding
  • Types of HTA Work Undertaken
  • Important Factors Affecting HTA Project Selection
  • Opinions on Importance and Effectiveness of HTA for Technology
    Adoption and Displacement
  • Types of HTA's Produced and Methods Used
  • Opinion on Functioning of Phases of the HTA Process

Chapter 5–Challenges for HTA and Innovation in Canada

  • Identifying and Selecting of Technologies
  • Conducting HTAs
  • Disseminating and Implementing HTA Findings
  • Evaluating of the Impact of HTA on Health Policy

Chapter 6–International Models of HTA

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

Chapter 7–Opportunities for Redesign in HTA

  • Issues and Opportunities for HTA Redesign in Canada

Appendix A–Methodology

Appendix B–Key Informant Interview Guide

Appendix C–Online Survey

Appendix D–Survey Questions

Appendix E–Types of Economic Analyses

Appendix F–Bibliography

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