Clean Trade: Global Opportunities in Climate-Friendly Technologies

The Conference Board of Canada, 38 pages, July 11, 2017
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This briefing identifies the opportunity for Canada to enhance its global commerce by exporting climate-friendly technologies, such as renewable energy, energy-efficiency technologies, and waste management products.

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The world is moving toward a cleaner, low-carbon economy. Canadian innovators, investors, and producers have a key role to play in helping the world’s businesses decrease their carbon footprint and lessen adverse environmental impacts. And, Canada could benefit commercially from the large and growing opportunities to export climate-friendly technologies that include renewable energy, energy efficiency technologies, and waste management products. However Canada is lagging many players. It is the 16th largest exporter of climate-friendly technologies with about $4 billion in global sales in 2015, slipping from its 14th spot a decade ago. In general, Canada is not as competitive as other nations in the climate-friendly goods sector.

But, this briefing identifies 17 global export strengths in climate-friendly products and related services that Canada does have. These include wind and solar power, energy efficient gas turbines, and waste filtration systems. Furthermore, there are many possibilities to develop new strengths in climate-friendly technologies, including building on past strengths. Government and business can adopt strategies to enhance Canada’s global commerce in climate-friendly technologies, and Canadian businesses can play a key role in helping to reduce global GHGs, while also reaping the commercial benefits of selling their climate-friendly technologies internationally.

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