Future Care for Canadian Seniors: A Webinar Primer on Nursing Supply and Demand

The Conference Board of Canada, July 5, 2017
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Across Canada, health system reform in provinces and territories is addressing the health and social care needs associated with an aging population. Continuing care supports for seniors (i.e., care and services provided in homes, retirement communities, long-term care, and other facilities in the community) are key to these reforms. The services provided by regulated nurses are an important component of continuing care for seniors, and so it is critical to understand the contribution and requirements of nursing in this sector.

This 45-minute webinar examines the current role of nurses in continuing care, leverages The Conference Board of Canada’s 2015 report Future Care for Canadian Seniors: A Status Quo Forecast to estimate the nursing demand to provide these supports over the next 30 years, and explores the optimization of nursing roles in this context.

Webinar Highlights

This primer builds on the previous work in this series by focusing on regulated nurses in the context of providing continuing care supports to Canadian seniors. The objectives of this primer are to:

  • discuss the role of nurses in the continuing care sector in Canada;
  • summarize past trends and the current landscape of nursing across continuing care environments in Canada;
  • complete a base-case segmentation and forecast of nurses working in the continuing care sector and delivering services for Canadian seniors.

About Greg

Greg HermusGreg Hermus is an Associate Director in the Conference Board’s Forecasting & Analysis Division. Over the years, Greg has also been involved in the development of many of the Conference Board’s forecast models, economic impact models and numerous other models related to cost/benefit analysis. Greg was one of the authors of several recent Conference Board’s reports, including Reducing the Health Care and Societal Costs of Disease: The Role of Pharmaceuticals and Cost Risk Analysis for Chronic Lung Disease in Canada.

About Carole

Carole StonebridgeCarole Stonebridge is a Principal Research Associate in the Conference Board’s Health Economics and Policy Group. Before joining the Conference Board over a decade ago, Carole worked as a Registered Nurse across Canada in acute and home care settings, and as a clinical research nurse in cancer care. She brings a breadth of experience and knowledge of health practice, policy, and research to a wide variety of projects undertaken by the Board.

About Lisa

Photo of Lisa AshleyLisa Ashley is a Senior Nurse Advisor at the Canadian Nurses Association. Her work at CNA includes advocating for healthy public policy that optimizes the role of the registered nurse. Lisa is also the Chair of the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC). As a longstanding Registered Nurse Lisa has extensive experience in program development, organizational planning, education, and stakeholder engagement.

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