The Social Purpose of Business

The Conference Board of Canada, February 21, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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After investing in and measuring CSR strategies for a decade or more, many leading companies find that their impacts are only modest and they need an accelerated model to achieve social impact at a greater scale.

They rewire their business so that their growth is a positive force in society and realize a competitive advantage in doing so. Further, they adopt a compelling and aspirational core purpose or mission that goes beyond making money to create value for both business and society. This core purpose – their contribution to society and the greater good – shapes and informs the company’s essential reason for being. For some it transcends maximizing profits and shareholder value, and for others it is the means by which they create value and grow. Either way, it becomes a shared intent by everyone in the business, guiding the decisions of leaders and employees across the company.

Webinar Highlights

Join us in our upcoming webinar and learn more about this new approach to CSR in business. Three panelists will share their perspective on social purpose, what it is and why it is relevant to business. Coro Strandberg, advisor to the Conference Board of Canada and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility on the Social Purpose and Transformational Company, will describe this new business trend and how to pursue it in your company. Abby Brennan, Senior Manager of Purpose Strategy and Activation at PwC and Liz Arkinstall, Manager, Community Engagement at Libro Credit Union will share how their companies have embraced purpose as the core intent for their organizations. They will describe what they have learned on their journey to embed purpose into their organizational culture and take some of your questions about social purpose.

About Coro

Photo of Coro StrandbergCoro Strandberg, President of Strandberg Consulting, is a nationally recognized corporate social responsibility and sustainability thought leader and strategist. She advises corporations, governments and industry associations on the integration of sustainability into business purpose, governance, risk management, strategy, supply chains and operations in ways that create business and societal value. She was recognized as a top CSR consultant by Canada’s 2015 Clean50.

About Abby

Photo of Abby BrennanAbby is the Senior Manager of Purpose Strategy and Activation at PwC. Together with PwC’s Chief Purpose Officer, she leads efforts to embed purpose into PwC’s core business strategy and engage PwC staff in their critical role in fulfilling the firm’s purpose: to build trust in society and solve important problems. Over the last three years, she has worked with the US Corporate Responsibility team on stakeholder engagement, creative communications, and, most recently, the firm’s purpose strategy. Bringing together a passion for purpose-driven impact and a deep understanding of the culture of PwC, she is working to methodically integrate purpose into talent management, communication strategies, client service offerings, and business decision making architecture. Abby’s current responsibilities span translating purpose into roles and responsibilities, facilitating the development of brand-defining internal and external programming, and collaborating with key functional stakeholders throughout the organization.

About Liz

Photo of Liz ArkinstallWorking with Libro Credit Union for over 16 years, Liz Arkinstall holds the position of Manager, Community Engagement. With her team, Liz leads the strategy, goal development and implementation plans to fully integrate corporate social responsibility (Prosperity Purpose) across the organization. With a passion for sustainability Liz is helping Libro Credit Union transition from a traditional philanthropy and good corporate citizenship model to a leading engine of social change and prosperity in the southwest Ontario. Liz Arkinstall Manager Community Engagement Libro Credit Union Liz holds certificates in Community Involvement Management and Corporate Citizenship Practice from Boston College and is a previous Leadership Windsor-Essex graduate and WYCUP scholarship recipient. She is an advocate for the cooperative system and sits on the CCUA CSR Committee and is an active volunteer in her community.

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