Globalization and Canada’s PSEs: Opportunities and Challenges

The Conference Board of Canada, 82 pages, November 9, 2016
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Globalization is transforming post-secondary educational institutions (PSEs), with increasing numbers of post-secondary students enrolling in institutions outside their home country. This report explores how globalization is affecting Canada’s PSEs.

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Globalization is transforming business. As education and intellectual property service enterprises, PSEs are affected by globalization in their core “lines of business” just as for-profit enterprises are. Globalization is especially affecting the education part of PSEs’ business. Post-secondary students around the world are interested in enrolling in institutions outside their native land, resulting in increasing flows of international students both into and out of Canada. PSE research, too, is now increasingly globalized and PSE institutions from around the world compete for top research faculty.

The push for PSEs to develop their international business creates both opportunities and challenges. This report explores how PSE globalization is affecting Canada’s PSE institutions. It concludes with recommendations for the Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education’s strategy.

The report is one of a series looking at the key strategic questions facing Canada’s post-secondary education in the years ahead. It builds on an earlier SPSE report, The Economic Impact of Post-Secondary Education in Canada.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1–Introduction

  • About This Report

Chapter 2–Globalization and PSEs

  • How Is Globalization Affecting Business?
  • The PSE Difference
  • The Global PSE Market
  • International Student Market: Opportunity and Challenge
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3–Opportunities and Challenges

  • Opportunities
  • The Economics of Outbound Students
  • Challenges
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4–A Change Agenda

  • Marketing the Canada Brand Abroad
  • Expanding International Branch Campuses
  • International Education and Trade Deals
  • Align Immigration Policy With PSE Internationalization
  • Reduce Barriers for Canadians Returning From Abroad
  • Allocation of Publicly Funded Learning Infrastructure
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5–Recommendations

Appendix A–Bibliography

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