City Health Monitor

The Conference Board of Canada, 30 pages, December 13, 2016
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Find out which cities place well in the latest City Health Monitor. This briefing discusses the key findings for 10 Canadian metropolitan areas.

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This briefing summarizes the key findings of The Conference Board of Canada’s City Health Monitor. Saskatoon finishes first in the city health rankings, placing ahead of Calgary and Winnipeg. All three of these metro areas score an A grade, with each near the top in at least two categories.

Six metro areas follow the top three, each scoring a B grade. Vancouver distinguishes itself from the others by ranking first in the population health and the healthy lifestyle categories, but scoring dismal results in the other two categories. Meanwhile, the other five metros—Québec City, Ottawa-Gatineau, Halifax, Edmonton, and Toronto—post decent results in one category, but falter slightly in other categories.

Montréal rounds out the rankings in the final position, performing so poorly in all categories that its final ranking is set apart from the other metro areas.

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