Becoming a Services Superpower: Tapping Into the Global Appetite for High-Value Services

The Conference Board of Canada, 60 pages, December 16, 2015
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High-value business services are in global demand. This report, the third in a series, looks at how Canada can position itself as a high-value business services superpower.

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Technological advances have led to services being the most dynamic part of global trade. This report, Becoming a Services Superpower: Tapping Into the Global Appetite for High-Value Services, examines the global demand for high-value business services, and finds that the fastest-growing and largest sectors are computer and information, professional and technical services, and research and development. The U.S. and Europe are the largest markets for these services and continue to grow, while Asia stands out as a massive, fast-growing market in which Canada has a limited presence.

To position Canada as a high-value business services superpower, businesses will need to reframe their strategies, including more face-to-face interactions with foreign customers, and governments will need to go beyond addressing barriers to products to give equal weight to removing obstacles to movements of business people, data, and investment.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Canada’s Sizable, Growing Global Services Footprint
  • Services Are the Most Dynamic Part of Global Trade
  • Boosting High-Value Services Trade Has Tangible Economic Benefits
  • Achieving Canada’s Global Services Potential

Chapter 2—Global Demand for High-Value Services: Where Do the Opportunities Lie?

  • Which Services Represent the Greatest Potential?
  • Where Do the Opportunities Lie for High-Value Services Exporters?
  • U.S. Demand Is Diverse, Strong
  • Europeans Demand Many High-Value Services
  • Demand From the Rest of the World Significant, Expanding Rapidly
  • Targeting Specific High-Value Services Markets

Chapter 3—How to Become a Services Superpower

  • What Can Boost Canada’s Global High-Value Services Sales?
  • Boosting Sales of the Hottest Demand Sectors: Computer and Information Services
  • Where From Here
  • Conclusion

Appendix A—How Canada Is Tapping Into Opportunities in …

  • North America: Canada Is Already Largely Focused on U.S. Market
  • Canada Set Its Sights on Europe
  • Asia and Oceania: Canada Needs to Do More
  • Africa and Latin America: Canada Growing Its Presence

Appendix B—Bibliography

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