Future-Skilling Your Workforce: Implications for the CHRO

The Conference Board, Inc., 8 pages, October 1, 2015
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To keep pace with the changing business landscape, companies need to ensure employees have the right skills to meet long-term goals. CHROs can initiate this effort by looking at talent systems holistically.

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Investing in future-skilling programs will ensure employees have the skills to meet the challenges and goals of the future. Chief human resources officers can initiate such efforts by breaking down silos and basing integrated talent systems on a people ecosystem, which has three components:

  • Aligning talent strategies with the goals of the organization
  • Having a robust plan to execute the talent strategy
  • Designing strategic talent development and learning programs

This report provides details on each of these as well as how HR can refresh its functions and roles to become strategic business partners and consultants.

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