The Road to Recovery: The City of Calgary and the 2013 Flood

The Conference Board of Canada, 92 pages, July 11, 2015
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This report provides The City of Calgary with an independent assessment of its Recovery Operations Centre and how it managed the overall municipal recovery efforts after the 2013 flood.

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The Road to Recovery: The City of Calgary and the 2013 Flood draws upon an analysis of recovery documentation provided by municipal officials, a review of secondary literature and media coverage, and expert interviews with over three dozen City of Calgary and external officials, many of whom held critical positions across the affected region.

The report reviews the five priority areas as outlined in the City of Calgary’s 2013 Flood Recovery Framework and identifies 10 lessons learned and 7 recommendations to improve future planning efforts and recovery operations.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Scope
  • Methodology
  • Recovery Context

Chapter 2—The ROC governance and 2013 Flood Recovery Framework

  • Singing From the Same Song Sheet
  • Keeping Recovery Front of Mind
  • Facilitating Effective Tracking of Recovery Objectives
  • Resources for Recovery
  • Future Recovery Considerations

Chapter 3—Psychosocial Recovery: City Employees and Citizens

  • Employees
  • Citizens

Chapter 4—Physical Recovery: Infrastructure, Housing and Property, and City Services

  • Infrastructure
  • Housing and Property
  • City Services: Internal Business Continuity
  • Supporting External Business

Chapter 5—Financial Recovery: Funding Processes

  • Insurance
  • The Disaster Recovery Program

Chapter 6—Snapshot of Findings: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

  • Lessons Learned
  • Recommendations

Chapter 7—Conclusion

Appendix A—Bibliography

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