Building a Resilient and Prosperous North: Centre for the North Five-Year Compendium Report

The Conference Board of Canada, 72 pages, April 29, 2015
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This five-year review of Canada’s Centre for the North summarizes its half-decade of research on Canada’s North and provides an analysis of three priority items to be addressed.

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The North has become a focal point for the development of Canada’s economy, the evolution of our society, and the exercise of our sovereignty across its vast terrain. Far more than a frontier for resource development and border disputes, the North is a homeland for substantial Aboriginal populations, encompassing First Nation, Métis, and Inuit communities, as well as a growing diversity of non-Aboriginal people in some regions.

Building a Resilience and Prosperous North reviews the five years of Conference Board research and in-depth dialogue with Northerners, and maintains that building up the resilience of Northern communities should be a Canadian priority. Our research indicated that up-front investments in Northern communities’ Aboriginal youth, the upgrading of Northern infrastructure, and policy development related to good governance are high priorities and will deliver the biggest impact.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction—Research in a Time of Change

Chapter 2—Our North

  • How the North Matters to All Canadians
  • How the North Matters to Northerners

Chapter 3—Three Starting Points for Northern Policy-Making

  • Starting Point 1: Northern Complexity
  • Starting Point 2: Dimensions of Northern Security
  • Starting Point 3: Northern Community Resilience

Chapter 4—Three High-Priority Areas for Northern Development

  • Priority 1: Aboriginal Youth
  • Priority 2: Upgrading Northern Infrastructure
  • Priority 3: Good Governance to Steer Growth

Chapter 5—Conclusion—Planning for Growth

  • Next Steps

Appendix A—Bibliography

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