“Sweet Spots” for Canadian Businesses in Mexico

The Conference Board of Canada, 72 pages, October 14, 2014
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Time to reassess business opportunities in Mexico? This report identifies the “sweet spots”—that is, the hottest sectors and the best opportunities for new trade and investment emerging in Mexico.

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Canadian companies have made significant inroads into Mexico since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement two decades ago. The economic ties between Mexico and Canada are closer than ever. In fact, two-way trade between the two countries has more than quintupled over the last 20 years. However, it is still important that Canada and Canadian businesses not take this relationship for granted and overlook opportunities in Mexico.

“Sweet Spots” for Canadian Businesses in Mexico identifies sweet spots for Canadian trade and investment in Mexico—that is, the spot where high growth potential, policy openness, and Canada’s proven trade strengths intersect. The report identifies both the “hottest” sectors and the best opportunities for Canadian businesses in Mexico.

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