Seeds for Success: The Value of Seed Treatments for Ontario Growers

The Conference Board of Canada, 76 pages, July 10, 2014
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Seeds for Success: The Value of Seed Treatments for Ontario Growers explores the potential economic consequences for corn and soybean farmers—and the Ontario economy—of a hypothetical Ontario-wide restriction on neonicotinoid insecticides.

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Neonicotinoid insecticides are widely used by farmers around the world to protect crops from insect pests. In this report, we explore the economic consequences that a hypothetical restriction on neonicotinoids in Ontario would have on Ontario corn and soybean farmers. Such a restriction would likely reduce crop yields, increase farmers’ costs, or both, causing farms to exit the market or reduce acreage. We estimated that this would decrease farmers’ revenues by $630 million annually, and reduce Ontario’s GDP by nearly $440 million. Policy-makers considering changes to neonicotinoid regulations should fully examine all of the costs and benefits of such a policy, and clarify the potential costs to the farming community in Ontario.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Method
  • Organization of the Report

Chapter 2—Controlling Pests and Striking a Regulatory Balance

  • Why Do Farmers Use Pesticides and What Are Neonicotinoids?
  • The Rationale for Increased Neonicotinoid Regulation
  • How Are Neonicotinoids Regulated in Canada?
  • Neonicotinoids and Crop Yields
  • Alternatives to Neonicotinoids
  • Efficacy of Alternative Insecticide Treatments
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3—Ontario’s Grain Economy

  • Corn and Soybean Farming in Ontario
  • Ontario’s Contribution to North American Corn and Soybean Supply
  • Organization of Farms
  • Seed and Pesticide Costs
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4—Economic Impact of a Restriction on Seed-Applied Neonicotinoids

  • The Model
  • Initial Impact
  • Impact as Farmers React
  • Impact on Ontario’s Economy

Chapter 5—Implications for Policy

Appendix A—Modelled Economic Impacts Resulting From Changes to Seed Costs

Appendix B—Bibliography

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