Innovation Procurement for Medical Devices: Driving Health System Improvement

The Conference Board of Canada, 67 pages, April 30, 2014
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This report captures the essential conversation of the International Roundtable on Innovation Procurement, hosted in Toronto by The Conference Board of Canada in December 2013.

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This report emerged out of the December 2013 International Roundtable on Reframing the Role of Innovation Procurement for Medical Devices as a Key Enabler of Health System Improvement. The purpose of the conference was to explore best practices and contemporary trends in public procurement in health care, with an appreciation of the potential of this policy tool to advance innovation in the field. When done strategically and through evidence, procurement of innovative medical devices can improve health outcomes without driving system costs. This report describes the different methods that can be and are being used to achieve these goals, and it provides concrete detail of each step of the procurement process through case studies from around the world. Most of the case studies are based on the experience of organizations represented at the International Roundtable.

Table of Contents

Excutive Summary


Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Methodology

Chapter 2—Standard Methods of Procurement

Chapter 3—Specifications

Chapter 4—Value

Chapter 5—Negotiations

Chapter 6—Procuring for Solutions

Chapter 7—Collaboration and Risk Management

Chapter 8—Transferring Ideas Across Jurisdictions: Importance of Context

Chapter 9—Conclusion

Appendix A—List of Attendees

Appendix B—List of Best Practices

Appendix C—Bibliography

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