Work-Life Balance

The Conference Board of Canada, January 28, 2014
Recorded Webinar
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This special 60-minute webinar addresses the impact of work overload on employee health and productivity. With more than half of Canadian employees (54 per cent) having more work to do than they can accomplish in the work day and having important demands at home, which can include childcare and eldercare, many employees are overloaded, overwhelmed and underperforming. The time is now to better educate employers on the challenges and help them to support a better work-life balance for their employees.

Webinar Highlights

During this session, Louise Chénier of the Conference Board's Workplace Health and Wellness Research addresses the impact of work overload on employee health and productivity. Find out about the promising programs and initiatives employers can adopt to help their workforce be healthier and more productive. Explore a set of guidelines that organizations can incorporate into their work–life balance plans and strategies.

The 60-minute session covers:

  • what is work-life balance
  • key stressors that can disrupt an employee’s work-life quality
  • how a lack of work-life balance can impact employee well-being and productivity
  • strategies individual employees can use to achieve work-life quality
  • role of managers and employers in assisting employees maintain a healthy work-life balance

About Louise:

photo of Louise Chenier Louise is a Research Associate and Network Manager at the Conference Board of Canada. As a network manager, she manages, develops agendas, and facilitates meetings for the Council on Workplace Health and Wellness, a network of organizational health management leaders from private and public sector organizations across Canada.

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