Canada as a Global Leader: Delivering Value through Public-Private Partnerships at Home and Abroad

The Conference Board of Canada, 70 pages, August 21, 2013
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How are private-private partnerships (P3) in Canada faring? Both the benefits and drawbacks of P3 procurement are examined, as well as the potential for creating export opportunities for Canadian companies.

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Private-private partnerships (P3) are one of the procurement alternatives for infrastructure delivery service. Canada as a Global Leader: Delivering Value through Public-Private Partnerships at Home and Abroad is an update to The Conference Board of Canada’s 2010 report, Dispelling the Myths.

As well as a literature review, interviews were held with more than 30 P3 practitioners and observers from across Canada. The potential benefits identified are time savings, optimization of life-cycle spending, long-term guarantees on maintenance, innovation solutions, cost savings, and checks/balances in contracting. The potential drawbacks include private financing rates, the risk premium, transaction costs, lead times, and non-effective risk transfer.

The P3 market in Canada is known to be one of the most stable and developed in the world. However, the domestic market has matured to a level where significant growth is unlikely to occur, unless there is greater penetration of the municipal market or greater sophistication of P3 projects.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

Chapter 2—State of P3s in Canada

  • Federal Support of Infrastructure Investment and P3s
  • P3 Canada FundProvincial P3 Activity
  • Municipal Support for P3s
  • The Canadian P3 Pipeline
  • The Canadian Allure for P3 Investments

Chapter 3—Stakeholder Reflections on Benefits and Risks of P3s

  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks or Additional Costs
  • Conclusions: Overarching Themes From Stakeholders

Chapter 4—Key Benefits and Risk in Action

  • The Evidence Base for Canadian P3s Since Dispelling the Myths

Chapter 5—The International Context

  • Comparing the Domestic P3 Market Environment With International Markets
  • Exporting Canadian P3 Expertise
  • Summary: A Stable Market With Leading Expertise

Chapter 6—Breaking Down the Municipal Barriers

  • How Large Is the Potential Municipal P3 Market in Canada?
  • Recent Trends in the Municipal Market
  • Summary

Chapter 7—Conclusion

  • Growth in the Domestic Market
  • Canadian P3 Expertise

Appendix A—Update of P3 Projects in Canada Since Dispelling the Myths

Appendix B—Bibliography

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