The Future of Mining in Canada’s North

The Conference Board of Canada, 92 pages, January 28, 2013
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This report discusses a number of important factors, and their interrelationship, that must be considered to ensure that both the positive and negative impacts of mining projects are fully understood.

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Mining and its supporting industries will continue to be important economic drivers in many of Canada’s Northern regions throughout the next decade. However, mining is a cyclical, non-renewable resource industry. How can its immense potential contribute to the balanced economic growth of Canada as a nation and to the sustainable prosperity of Canada’s North? How can mining projects benefit local and Aboriginal communities? And what is needed to ensure that development is carried out in a responsible and sustainable manner? This report examines these questions to provide a better understanding of the factors that need to be understood and evaluated throughout the life cycle of a mine.

The end result is an economic outlook for the mining industry till 2020, supplemented with a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities faced by industry proponents. The report’s findings provide policy-makers, industry leaders, and communities with insight on steps that can be taken to support the future of sustainable mining in Canada’s North.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Methodology

Chapter 2—Canada’s Northern Mining Potential to the Year 2020

  • Global Markets and Long-Term Trends
  • A Global Overview of the Mining Industry
  • Mining in Canada

Chapter 3—Business Factors Related to Mining Development

  • Corporate Fiscal Environment
  • Regulatory Regimes
  • Aboriginal Rights
  • Infrastructure, Supply Chains, and Market Access
  • Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Skilled Workers

Chapter 4—Impacts and Benefits of Mining for Northern Communities

  • Mining and Northern Communities: Times Have Changed
  • Relationship Building: Creating Partnerships and Trust With Northern Communities
  • Adverse Effects of Mining on Northern Communities
  • Future Steps Toward Improved Northern Community Net Benefits

Chapter 5—Addressing Environmental Stewardship and the Impacts of Mining

  • Mining and the Environment: A Historical Perspective
  • Mining’s Potential Environmental Impacts
  • Approaches Toward Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 6—Creating a Sustainable Future: What Happens After a Mine Closes?

  • Minimizing the Environmental Impacts of Mine Closure
  • Understanding the Impacts of Mine Closure on Northern Communities
  • Identifying Community Business Opportunities and Challenges After Closure
  • The Roles of Mining Companies and Governments in Mine Transition
  • Assisting Mining Workers With Closure
  • A Sustainable Future for Mining in Canada’s North?

Chapter 7—Conclusion and Recommendations

  • Recommendations

Appendix A—Bibliography

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