Toward Inclusion: The Ontario Public Service Inclusion Lens

The Conference Board of Canada, August 20, 2012
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The OPS Inclusion Lens provides a framework that supports broad and inclusive thinking in the development and review of policies, programs, legislation, and services. It moves beyond traditional policy development and training approaches. In this e-Presentation, Shamira discusses the development of the Inclusion Lens. She shows how the tool encourages staff to think about the potential diversity and inclusion impacts of government initiatives by asking a series of open-ended questions embedded into an existing business/policy cycle. Resources within the tool will be highlighted, as well as the tool’s adaptability to different business lines and jurisdictions.

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Toward Inclusion: The Ontario Public Service Inclusion Lens
Shamira Madhany
Chief Officer, Diversity and Accessibility, Ontario Public Service
Ministry of Government Services, OPS Diversity Office

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