Executive Coaching Survey: 2012 Edition

The Conference Board, Inc., 34 pages, December 20, 2012
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This report presents an in-depth look at both internal and external coaching practices.

Document Highlights

Executive Coaching Survey: 2012 Edition, which was developed in coordination with The Conference Board Executive Coaching Council, focuses on coaching practices for externally hired coaches and internal coaches who are employees of the organization where the coaching is taking place. In particular, it looks at the length of coaching engagements, global coaching fees and rate structures for external coaches, how engagements are evaluated, and the preparation and development of coaching skills.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Increasing Need for Executive Coaching

External Coaching Practices

  • Ownership of the Coaching Process
  • Selection of External Coaches
  • Onboarding of External Coaches
  • Average Length of Engagement
  • Average Time per Month for Each Engagement
  • Types of External Coaching Engagements
  • Number of Coaches
  • Number of Coachees Assigned
  • Evaluation of External Coaches
  • Use of Collected Coaching Data

Fee Structures and Payments for External Coaches

  • U.S. Rates
  • Payment Structures
  • Internal Coaching Practices
  • Use of Internal Coaches in the Next Three Years
  • Factors Driving Use of Internal Coaches

Final Thoughts

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