C-Suite Outlook 2022 Midyear Survey: Implications for Marketing and Communications Leaders

The Conference Board, Inc., 13 pages, August 29, 2022
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This report examines the implications of the latest C-Suite Outlook survey results for marketing and communications executives.

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Such has been the unpredictability of recent times that one CEO was heard saying: “I know what I am doing in two weeks’ time. I can guess what I will be doing in six weeks’ time. But I cannot tell you what I need to be doing in three months’ time.”

Against the backdrop of black swan, grey swan, and even ugly duckling events, The Conference Board sought to take the pulse of CEOs and their C-suite colleagues around the world to provide insights for what’s ahead. Out latest report, C-Suite View of Volatility, War, Risks, and Growth for Global Business acts as an interim C-Suite Outlook to complement our full survey, C-Suite Outlook 2022: Reset and Reimagine, published in January 2022.

Sixteen questions were fielded between May 8 and May 25 with the Ukraine conflict, economic concerns, and COVID-19 variants all in play. A total of 750 responses were returned, which allows for a robust indication of the critical issues. The full report can be accessed here, and what follows are four areas of elevated interest for those in marketing and communications teams.

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