A Wing and a Prayer: World Outlook to 2026

The Conference Board of Canada, 20 pages, August 11, 2022
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This quarterly examination of the short-term economic outlook for the world’s major economies also contains an in-depth analysis of a number of issues that are relevant for understanding world economic trends and developments.

Document Highlights

  • We have sharply downgraded our outlook for world GDP growth. We now forecast a gain of close to 3.0 per cent this year with a similar increase anticipated in 2023.
  • China’s economic challenges impact the entire global economy as China is a key manufacturing hub that has, until recently, stimulated global demand.
  • Global inflation is expected to expand by more than 6.0 per cent this year, up from a gain of 3.5 per cent in 2021.
  • High inflation has forced the world’s leading central banks to withdraw monetary stimulus far faster than anticipated.
  • Ongoing strength in the U.S. labour market could enable that country’s economy to avoid a serious recession.

Table of Contents

Key Findings
Latin America
Appendix A—Methodology

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