The Employability Skills Toolkit

The Conference Board of Canada, 55 pages, July 19, 2022
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This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to the skills needed to adapt and succeed in the world of work. It contains activities to lead readers through thinking about what skills they have, what skills they may need work to work on, and how they can improve these skills.

Document Highlights

  • Understanding and applying employability skills like communication, problem-solving, adaptability, and working with others help you create a set of tools to improve your ability to grow and do well in the world of work.
  • Most employers need their people to have digital skills, so being curious and willing to try new technology to help you learn will make you a strong employee and help you throughout your career.
  • While technical skills are important, our research shows that people and their social and emotional skills are more valuable than ever. These skills describe how you connect with others, build relationships, solve problems, and interact with people.
  • Active listening—listening attentively while someone else is speaking—is the social and emotional skill that the most employers look for. It’s essential for the majority of jobs, and it’ll help you succeed in life in general.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to the Employability Toolkit
Employability Skills
Prepare to Grow: A Change-Ready Mindset

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