Canadian Human Resources Benchmarking: Diversity

The Conference Board of Canada, February 28, 2022
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This ongoing series examines the HR practices and metrics of Canadian organizations, specifically around turnover, engagement, diversity and inclusion, absence, and health and safety.

Document Highlights

Despite organizations identifying diversity, equity, and inclusion as top priorities, many do not track these metrics. Only 44 per cent of organizations surveyed tracked representation across equity-deserving groups, and only 30 per cent conducted pay equity analyses.

Some organizations are paving the way to tracking diversity by expanding how they view and track diversity and considering ways to measure inclusion. In addition to measuring representation, a few organizations measured diversity metrics by examining diversity ratios for their recruitment, selection, promotion, tenure, and/or turnover efforts. Some organizations also measured inclusion using various surveys to measure experiences, feelings of being valued and belonging, and/or a sense of fairness.

All diversity or equity-deserving groups are under-represented in management and executive positions, with gaps of up to 31 per cent between those in these roles compared with the working population.

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