Cyber and Privacy Review 2021: How the Pandemic Changed Our Tech Use

The Conference Board of Canada, 25 pages, December 7, 2021
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New technology adoption accelerated during the pandemic, increasing the risk of cyber threats to organizations and consumers. While many understand the importance of cybersecurity, more work remains to be done.

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With the rapid and widespread move to remote work and online shopping that has occurred during the pandemic, organizations and consumers are becoming aware of the increased need for more and better cybersecurity measures. It’s a major concern for organizations, but not all of them have formal cybersecurity processes in place due to a variety of factors including budgets, in-house skills gaps, and the changing policy landscape. Most say they plan to allocate more funds to cybersecurity and review their risk management practices accordingly.

Meanwhile, consumers say they are worried about their online privacy and security, and many balk at the idea of businesses using artificial intelligence or machine learning. They are also slow to adopt so-called smart products, because they don’t see the need for them. However, they are spending more time using technology and do not expect that trend to reverse with the end of the pandemic.

Table of Contents

Key Findings
Cybersecurity Is a Growing Concern
The Changing Threat and Policy Environments
Consumer Tech Usage Is Rising

Appendix A—Methodology

Appendix B—Demographics

Appendix C—Bibliography

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