A Shot in the Arm for Canadian Tourism: Canada’s Travel Markets Outlook to 2025

The Conference Board of Canada, August 19, 2021
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Document Highlights

  • At the national level, our tourism outlook is more optimistic than it was last fall. Positive travel intentions, vaccination rates in Canada and the U.S., Canada’s overall economic recovery, and elevated household savings give room for this optimism.
  • We expect both visitor numbers and tourism expenditures to reach their pre-pandemic levels by 2023. However, recovery will be uneven between provinces and cities.
  • Domestic visits will increase by 20 per cent over 2020 levels this year. They will exceed 2019 levels in 2023.
  • Visits from American travellers will fully recover to their pre-pandemic level by 2023.
  • Visits from overseas travellers will fully recover to their pre-pandemic level by 2024.
  • Variant strains of COVID-19 could be a threat to the industry. After two lost summer seasons, the industry lacks an abundant workforce. However, there are several reasons to expect a healthy rebound to Canadian tourism over the next few years.

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