Canada’s Secondary Health Crisis: A Call to Build on Health System Strengths and Value-Driven Investments

The Conference Board of Canada, 15 pages, March 31, 2021
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Canadian health leaders joined a roundtable discussion and examined ways to reform the health system to increase resiliency and address fragilities exposed by the COVID pandemic.

Document Highlights

  • COVID-19 exposed the fragility of Canada’s health system, from missed surgeries to deferred screening for life-threatening diseases.
  • Recognizing the need to build a more resilient health system, a group of Canadian health leaders joined a roundtable discussion on how to turn the covid-19 crisis into an opportunity for health system reform.
  • The roundtable yielded two key recommendations for immediate action:
    1. prioritizing value-driven investments in health systems;
    2. building on the strengths of the initial response to the COVID-19 crisis by:
      • using virtual care and digital health technologies,
      • optimizing measurement and data sharing for evidence-based decision-making,
      • advancing public-private partnerships.

Table of Contents

Key findings

From crisis to resilience

COVID-19: A catalyst for rapid, transformative changes

Immediate solutions for long-term recovery

The time for collective action is now

Appendix A—Methodology

Appendix B—Roundtable participants

Appendix C—Bibliography

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