Manitoba’s Agri-Food Sector: Competing for a Greater Share of the Global Market

The Conference Board of Canada, 39 pages, February 23, 2021
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This impact paper discusses the competitiveness and export potential of Manitoba’s agri-food goods. To expand its global reach, the province will need to integrate new technologies and invest in infrastructure.

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The agri-food sector is by far Manitoba’s largest export sector. While Manitoba’s agriculture goods account for the largest share of the province’s overall agri-food exports, agriculture exports have been volatile over the past two decades. In contrast, the food manufacturing sector is small, but has generated steady export gains over that period.

Manitoba’s Agri-Food Sector: Competing for a Greater Share of the Global Market discusses the demand for processed food products that is quickly expanding in other parts of the world. These present opportunities for Manitoba’s agri-food sector to diversify its export markets and move up along the agri-food value chain. To boost its competitiveness, the sector will need to keep up with new technologies as they become integrated in the global food system. It will also need to invest in infrastructure to protect workers’ health and safety and improve the sector’s resilience to future shocks.

Table of Contents

Key findings

Where does Manitoba’s agri-food sector stand?

Manitoba’s agri-food sector—a large sector with two stories

Manitoba’s competitiveness: Agriculture versus food processing

Exporting markets: Beyond the U.S.

COVID-19 brings challenges and opportunities

Boosting productivity to tap into fast-growing global demand

Challenges ahead, but also opportunities

Appendix A—Methodology

Appendix B—Manitoba’s revealed comparative advantages in agri-food products

Appendix C—World demand analysis

Appendix D—Bibliography

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