Plans in Progress for the Picture Province: New Brunswick’s Travel Markets Outlook to 2024

The Conference Board of Canada, 11 pages, February 17, 2021
Issue briefing
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This report contains a review of and outlook for tourism activity in New Brunswick, assessing the impact of COVID-19 and the public health restrictions on tourism. It examines domestic, U.S., and overseas activity.

Document Highlights

  • Prior to the pandemic, New Brunswick drew most of its annual visitors from Quebec and Ontario. These two provinces were among the hardest hit by COVID-19, and that curtailed industry performance in New Brunswick for most of 2020.  
  • To make up for the decline in international visitors this year, the Explore NB Travel Incentive program encouraged New Brunswickers to travel within the province. 
  • New Brunswick’s tourism industry is forecast to recover gradually over the next four years. Total overnight visits, after a significant drop in 2020, to the province will begin to recover in 2021.
  • Based on current vaccination targets, travel will likely pick up in the latter half of 2021. However, beyond vaccine distribution, traveller confidence may take time to return to pre-pandemic norms.

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