A Chance to Lead: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Finance

The Conference Board of Canada, 15 pages, April 24, 2020
Issue Briefing
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Two things are vital to the Canadian energy sector’s survival in the sustainable finance marketplace: effective disclosure, and high-integrity data. This briefing looks at how to achieve these goals.

Document Highlights

As a resource-based economy, Canada has an opportunity to be a leader in sustainable finance—a deal-maker, not just a deal-taker. Evidence suggests it’s not there yet. To survive in the sustainable finance marketplace, Canada’s energy sector needs effective disclosure and high-integrity data. Sustainable finance practices should be promoted as business-as-usual, but Canada needs to quicken its pace of adoption.

The financial community is in a strong position to lead and work with the public sector to co-create regulation. Rather than wait for intervention through legislation, the industry should act.

Table of Contents

  • Key findings
  • We need disclosure
  • We need data
  • Inking new approaches

Appendix A—Methodology

Appendix B—Bibliography

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