Canadian Industrial Profile: Grocery Stores—2020

The Conference Board of Canada, February 19, 2020
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This industry profile provides a five-year forecast for Canada’s grocery stores industry.

Document Highlights

  • The total number of grocery stores is increasing in Canada, with 900 new stores opening since 2017, in contrast with the decline seen in other retail segments. Behind this increase is the growing popularity of health food stores selling organic and environmentally friendly products.
  • Despite the increase in the number of grocery stores, the segment’s gross domestic product (GDP) has shrunk over the past five years due to sharp GDP contractions in oil-dependent provinces. By contrast, the segment has fared well in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.
  • Consolidation continues in the industry, with Empire, the owners of Sobeys, buying Farm Boy, an Ottawa-based chain, as a way to expand in Ontario.

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