An Introduction to Cyber Insurance: Understanding the Canadian Ecosystem

The Conference Board of Canada, 15 pages, December 13, 2019
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This issue briefing outlines the current cyber insurance landscape in Canada, examining three main cyber insurance products and the industry’s challenges in covering the threat of cyber attacks.

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Cyber attacks—whether malicious break-ins fueled by revenge and greed, or network failures caused by human error—are gaining in frequency and sophistication at a dizzying pace. Can cyber insurance keep up?

This issue briefing distills industry publications, government reports, and news media to give a current perspective on the state of cyber insurance in Canada. It will help readers identify three major types of corporate cyber coverage and understand their unique advantages and disadvantages. It briefly outlines the history of cyber insurance, from its origins in the late 1970s through the new millennium and into today. It also examines what’s limiting cyber insurance growth by looking at issues the sector is facing—including cyber data gaps and finding limits to the scope of coverage.

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