Introduction to Evidence-Based HR: Curriculum

The Conference Board of Canada, October 30, 2019
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This workshop is designed to help an organization prepare employees in HR, and other departments, to increase the use of evidence, including HR analytics, in business decision-making. Workshop participants learn how to apply tools and frameworks for measuring the results of human resources strategies.

Document Highlights

Participants will learn to do the following:

  • Apply the principles of evidence-based management, as laid out in in the 6As model, including the four sources of evidence.
  • Refine a research question to drive evidence-based decision-making and apply the PICOC approach (five elements of an answerable question) to requests for information within the organization.
  • Explain the interaction between the four levels of HR’s work and the four levels of HR measurement (i.e., metric for inputs, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact).
  • Apply some communications tools and strategies for building buy-in for evidence and telling the data-informed story.
  • Recognize the role that collaboration plays in designing an HR measurement strategy.
  • Prepare a rough draft of a personal action plan.

See also: Using Evidence for Better Informed Decisions: A Playbook for Canadian Human Resource Leaders

Table of Contents

Instructor tools

  1. Instructor’s Guide
  2. Presentation slides
  3. Communications exercise handouts
  4. ‘Scaling the Wall’ wall chart
  5. ‘HR Measurement Framework’ wall chart

Participant materials

  1. Participant workbook
  2. Participant readings
    • A quick read handbook on EBMgt
      Evidence-Based Management: The Basic Principles. 2014, Barends, Eric, Denise M Rousseau, and Rob B Briner.
    • A medium read on EBMgt in HR
      Jacobs, Katie. "Under the Microscope." HR Magazine 2015, no. January (2015): 24-31.
    • A longer more detailed academic article
      Briner, Rob B and Eric Barends. "The Role of Scientific Findings in Evidence-Based Hr." People and Strategy 39, no. 2 (2016): 16.
    • A case study about an HR research project
      Behavioural Insights Project: Increasing recruitment of women into the Canadian Armed Forces, Innovation Hub – Privy Council Office

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