Crowdsourcing CSR: A New Way to Engage Your Stakeholders

The Conference Board of Canada, September 12, 2019
Recorded Webinar
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Businesses are faced with a new era of activism. Employees are wanting to work for organizations that reflect their individual values. Customers are looking to purchase from brands they trust. And investors are supporting companies that can sustainably drive profits from purpose-driven initiatives. These voices are growing in numbers and volume and can have significant influence on business behavior and decisions. A challenge? Perhaps. But when looked at from an opportunity’s perspective, encouraging stakeholder engagement can drive greater business impact. A potential solution? Crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is most commonly known for its use in fundraising and task delegation. But what about leveraging this model to gather feedback and information from your business’ stakeholders? In this 60-minute discussion we will explore the opportunity of crowdsourcing to drive company culture, inform company strategies, and impact decision-making related to corporate social and responsibility and sustainability.

Webinar Highlights

  • Share latest trends and observations changing the ways in which businesses engage with their stakeholders
  • Discuss concepts behind the crowdsourcing model and how it can be applied to corporate social and responsibility and sustainability
  • Provide case studies where organizations have leveraged crowdsourcing to give a voice to employees and customers and how it’s influenced business decisions, policies, and culture
  • Answer your burning questions on how crowdsourcing can be leveraged in your organizatio

About Stephen

Marc President and CEO of Unity Values ( Stephen (Steve) holds to the idea that all things are connected. In this case he has spent the last few years studying the connection between the changing characteristics of consumers, consumer behavior and social awareness. This focus has afforded Steve a unique perspective and set of solutions for both customer and employee engagement. Steve has Masters Degree In Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University.

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