My Ride, Your Ride, Our Ride: Public Transit and Shared Mobility

The Conference Board of Canada, 49 pages, July 22, 2019
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Using a literature review and stakeholder interviews, this report presents insights for transit-shared mobility relationships. It also suggests strategies for transit authorities to consider in this era of shared and new mobility innovation.

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The combined effect of shared, connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles on the horizon creates uncertainty about long-term transit investments and operations.

This research paper was initiated by The Conference Board of Canada’s Roundtable on Shared Mobility to provide evidence-based insights to assist decision-makers with the following questions:

  1. What are the motivations behind shared mobility services?
  2. How does the introduction of shared mobility affect established transport services, such as public transit?
  3. Which impacts are observed on car use and ownership?
  4. How might shared mobility services support transit delivery?
  5. Which strategies can public transit agencies take to remain vital in the new mobility ecosystem?

To help address these research questions, activities undertaken to inform this report consisted of a literature review of public transit and shared mobility, augmented by interviews with stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem. These inputs were used to develop recommendations for transit authority consideration as a way of enhancing the provision of essential services and social value, as a new mobility paradigm emerges.

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