Building a Culture of Collaboration: Transforming the Way Canadians Work

The Conference Board of Canada, 30 pages, March 20, 2019
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Many organizations are changing their built environments in an effort to spur more collaboration between employees, yet few of these organizations can be sure they are achieving this goal.

Document Highlights

  • Many Canadian organizations are redesigning their workspaces in order to facilitate a more collaborative culture that will presumably drive innovation. Among the organizations we studied, the hoped-for benefits included greater interaction among colleagues, getting people out from behind their desks, and using new technology to support collaboration.
  • To achieve their goals, organizations have invested in both their physical office space and technology to support employee mobility. Many have moved to open-plan offices, and some no longer have assigned seats. Results have been mixed, with both successes and challenges arising from these changes. In addition, only a few of the organizations are systematically measuring culture change based on baseline data.
  • A number of issues should be considered before implementing changes to the workspace, including the current workplace culture, the balance required between individual and team work, and building trust among both on- and off-site workers.
  • The Transforming the Way Canadian Work series examines the intersection of workplace trends in the design of work, the built environment, and organizational culture. The first two reports in the series are:

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