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Alison Howard

Alison Howard, Principal Research Associate
Alison Howard manages major research projects in the area of education and skills at The Conference Board of Canada. She has published 40+ reports and briefings and has delivered numerous presentations on topics including: skills, post-secondary education, workplace literacy, employability

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Employers in all sectors across Canada seek workers who demonstrate Employability Skills. The Conference Board of Canada’s Employability Skills define the skills, attitudes, and...
The Conference Board of Canada | Recorded Webinar | April 2018 | by Alison Howard
What is the right formula for protecting privacy and data collection? This report summarizes privacy issues, as expressed at the Canadian Privacy Summit 2017.
The Conference Board of Canada | 58 pages | September 2017 | by Melissa Lalonde, Alison Howard
Quel est le juste équilibre entre protection de la vie privée et collecte de données? Ce rapport résume les enjeux présentés au Sommet canadien sur la protection de la vie privée...
Le Conference Board du Canada | 5 pages | September 2017 | by Alison Howard, Melissa Lalonde
This report provides a conceptual framework and analysis of Canada’s policy, legal, and regulatory (PLR) environment for skills and post-secondary education; and identifies areas...
The Conference Board of Canada | 155 pages | November 2014 | by Jessica Edge, Alison Howard
This report discusses why food literacy matters; analyzes the state of food literacy in Canada; highlights current efforts to develop food literacy; and recommends strategies to...
The Conference Board of Canada | 62 pages | October 2013 | by Jessica Brichta, Alison Howard
This report analyzes food security in Canada; explores risk factors associated with food insecurity; highlights efforts to address food insecurity in Canada; and recommends strategies...
The Conference Board of Canada | 57 pages | August 2013 | by Jessica Edge, Alison Howard
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