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Louise Chénier, Independent Consultant, Organizational Health Management, Workplace Health & Wel
Louise Chénier is a Program Manager, Workplace Mental Health at the Mental Health Commission of Canada. In her role, she works to eliminate barriers to employment for people with mental health problems and illnesses and helps employers create mentally healthy work environments. Before

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This briefing aims to advance supplier diversity in Canada by developing an evidence-based business case that can be used to raise awareness about the benefits of diverse, well-developed...
The Conference Board of Canada | 34 pages | September 2017 | by Nadine Hakim, Louise Chenier
Cette note de recherche vise à faire avancer la diversification des fournisseurs au Canada en faisant une analyse de rentabilisation factuelle pouvant servir à accroître la sensibilisation...
Le Conference Board du Canada | 38 pages | September 2017 | by Nadine Hakim, Louise Chenier
Physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour are costly to individuals, employers, and society. This briefing will provide employers with organizational approaches to promote physical...
The Conference Board of Canada | 56 pages | December 2015 | by Louise Chenier
Recent cases involving high profile public figures and professional athletes have brought increased awareness to the prevalence and impact of domestic violence. The Canadian Women's...
The Conference Board of Canada | Recorded Webinar | July 2015 | by Louise Chenier
This briefing is the 10th in a series of case studies that profile organizations, their wellness programs, and the methods they use to evaluate their initiatives.
The Conference Board of Canada | 6 pages | August 2012 | by Louise Chenier
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