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Fares Bounajm

Fares Bounajm, Economist
Fares Bounajm has been an economist with The Conference Board of Canada since August 2010. As part of the Provincial Forecast team, he contributes to the Board’s National and Provincial Outlooks, focusing on business investment, the Ontario economy and the performance of the mining and motor

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The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is embarking upon a 17-year refurbishment project. This briefing estimates the economic impact of this refurbishment investment on Ontario’s...
The Conference Board of Canada | 30 pages | November 2015 | by Pedro Antunes, Fares Bounajm
Il ne suffit pas d’avoir une activité physique. Il faut aussi être moins sédentaire. Selon cette note d’information —première d’une série intitulée « Moving Ahead : Healthy Active...
Le Conference Board du Canada | 42 pages | October 2014 | by Fares Bounajm, Thy Dinh, Louis Theriault
This briefing looks at health care as an important driver of economic growth—a perspective that is often overlooked. An economic impact analysis is conducted, measuring health...
The Conference Board of Canada | 14 pages | January 2013 | by Fares Bounajm
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