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Gabriela Prada

Gabriela Prada, Government Affairs Program Director
Dr. Gabriela Prada brings more than 17 years of experience as a physician, management consultant, and policy researcher to the HIPE team. She provides leadership and oversight to all contract research and executive network activities and often speaks on behalf of the Conference Board on

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With sustainable funding models, Canada could better leverage PAs to help address many of its health system goals, such as improved continuity of care, access, equity, and sustainability.
The Conference Board of Canada | 95 pages | September 2017 | by Gabriela Prada, Thy Dinh, Jessica Brichta, Kelly Grimes, Yvonne James
En recourant davantage aux adjoints au médecin, le Canada pourrait améliorer la continuité des soins, l’accès à ceux-ci, leur équité et leur durabilité. Cette publication comprend...
Le Conference Board du Canada | 105 pages | September 2017 | by Gabriela Prada, Jessica Brichta, Kelly Grimes, Thy Dinh, Yvonne James
This second report of the series on the value of physician assistants (PAs) calculates the cost savings that could be generated for the health system by hiring more PAs.
The Conference Board of Canada | 47 pages | October 2016 | by Marc Desormeaux, Matthew Stewart, Kelly Grimes, Gabriela Prada
The first in a series, this report aims to set the stage and act as a backgrounder to better understand the role of physician assistants within health care systems.
The Conference Board of Canada | 62 pages | June 2016 | by Kelly Grimes, Gabriela Prada
Based on the Conference Board’s Strategic Procurement and Innovation conference, this briefing identifies the benefits of innovative, collaborative, value-based procurement and...
The Conference Board of Canada | 28 pages | November 2015 | by Gabriela Prada
Canadian health care costs are soaring and major reforms are needed to preserve and improve the quality of health care. This report develops a sustainability framework with guiding...
The Conference Board of Canada | 57 pages | July 2014 | by Gabriela Prada, Kelly Grimes, Ioulia Sklokin
A review of the 18 major Canadian studies on how to reform health care identifies 432 recommendations that fall into seven broad themes—with more than half dealing with system...
The Conference Board of Canada | 44 pages | May 2012 | by Gabriela Prada, Tamara Brown
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