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Doris Chu

Doris Chu, Senior Economist, National Forecast
Doris Chu joined the Conference Board in 1994 as part of the provincial group where she was responsible for forecasting the economies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia. In 1999, Doris joined the national forecasting team and has since been responsible for forecasting

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The Interactive Trade Forecast is a web-based tool allowing users to visualize our five-year forecast for Canadian exports and imports. The tool’s five charts can be customized,...
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | May 2018 | by Julie Adès, Doris Chu
The composite leading index of the Canadian economy sums up the performance of 10 components that track the short-term course of the economy.
The Conference Board of Canada | Website | February 2018 | by Doris Chu
The signing of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) could enable Quebec to increase its exports to Europe by $324 million by 2022, mainly in the chemical...
The Conference Board of Canada | 3 pages | May 2016 | by Rachel Atkinson, Doris Chu, Jean-Guy Côté, Robert Gagné, Danielle Goldfarb, Mia Homsy, Sonny Scarfone, Sui Sui, Ari Van Assche
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