Canada 2030: Top 10 Megatrends Disrupting Business

The Conference Board of Canada, December 18, 2018
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Over the next decade, the world will face political, social, environmental and technological transformations with profound implications for investors and businesses operating in Canada. In this recorded webinar, Michael Basset elaborates on key research findings from the newly published research series on trends and disrupting forces that will impact Canadian business over the next ten years.

Webinar Highlights

This summer, The Conference Board of Canada published a report entitled “Canada 2030. The Defining Forces Disrupting Business”. The report explores ten overarching trends, including demographic shifts; urbanization; Indigenous reconciliation; climate change; natural capital constraints; technological advances; economic uncertainty; public policy; changing values and expectations; and health and diet.

Tune in and learn how these trends can impact your business strategy and operations!

About Michael

Photo of Michael BassettMichael Bassett is the Director, Governance, Compliance, Risk and Sustainability at The Conference Board of Canada where he oversees the Conference Board’s research and major events in these areas.

Mr. Bassett has contributed to numerous custom and public research projects in the areas of governance, ethics, risk management and Crown corporations. He has chaired the Conference Board’s and the National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit (2018) and National ERM Conference (2017).

In addition to this role Michael is the Director of the Centre for Family Enterprises in Canada, a major multi-year initiative to raise awareness of the role and contributions of family-owned businesses to Canada’s economy and society. He is overseeing the Centre’s program of research and dialogue including a major quantitative study on the economic contributions of family-owned enterprises in Canada and a study investigating major issues faced by family enterprises in Canada to be published in 2018. Michael received his Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) designation in May 2018.

About Eric

Photo of Eric NoëlA geo-economist and long-term thinking advocate, Eric Noël helps organisations better anticipate and better prepare for tomorrow’s global markets and politico-economic, demographic and technological changes. Mr. Noël is the Initiator of the Canada Towards 2030 Project, an independent foresight project that has attracted more than 5,000 participants coast-to-coast and overseas to discuss megatrends shaping the future of Canada and the world, and to prepare for them.

After 25 years of service, he left Oxford Analytica earlier this year where he was serving as SVP North America. Oxford Analytica is a leading global analysis and advisory firm consistently ranked in the top 10 best private think tanks in the University of Pennsylvania’s Global Think Tank Index. In addition to serving several government and international agencies, Mr. Noël has served 11 Fortune 100TM, almost half of Canada’s 25 largest funds and companies, and advised on transactions totaling more than $US30B in some 30 countries. He is also an Executive Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary; and a former Judge and Mentor at the XPrize Foundation (Visioneer Program) and former Visiting Expert, IESE Business School (Barcelona and New York). Earlier this year, he authored a major essay on the future of automation, business models and employment for the Institut du Québec, a joint venture between HEC Montréal and the Conference Board of Canada.

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