Revolutionary Building for the North: 3D Printing Construction

The Conference Board of Canada, November 29, 2018
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This report, the first in the Cool Ideas research series, examines the potential application of 3D printing in the construction of homes in Canada’s North.c

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There is increasing interest in using 3D printing to address applications for the construction industry, including housing production. If suitable materials can be found and other key Northern construction challenges addressed, the general application of 3D printing for homes could make a meaningful impact in the North. However, questions remain about the effectiveness of the technology in Northern and remote environments. Ultimately, the country needs to determine if 3D printed construction is suited to Northern Canada and if its use can contribute to cost reductions and improvements in the availability, quality, and adequacy of housing—critical problems for the North that are in need of innovative solutions.

This report is the first in the Cool Ideas research series, which is designed to spark a nation-wide and circumpolar conversation about the technological future of the Canadian North. The series will examine one technology at a time, reflecting on the challenges, opportunities, and potential benefits of recent innovations.

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