Value-Based Procurement of Innovative Medicines: Lessons from Five Cases

The Conference Board of Canada, June 20, 2018
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Rising health care costs are driving governments, health care professionals, insurance companies, and other stakeholders to find new ways to maintain or increase quality of care while keeping costs as manageable as possible. Value-based procurement (VBP) of innovative medicines is a promising model to achieve this.

Webinar Highlights

VBP involves pricing pharmaceuticals based on health outcomes; combining drug procurement with other health interventions; and collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, payers, patients, and health care professionals.

The Conference Board of Canada examined five cases of value-based procurement in different jurisdictions and presents them as case studies. During this webinar, Darren Gresch discusses the four general lessons of the case studies.

These lessons are tied to:

  • The importance of patient health outcomes
  • Transparency and trust among stakeholders
  • Appropriate measures and metrics
  • VBP champions

About Darren

Darren Gresch joined the Conference Board of Canada in January 2017 with the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy team. He has worked on several projects in a variety of topic areas, including innovative and value-based procurement, national security, and the role of the Canadian chief information officer. Darren is a graduate of the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (MA) and Queen's University (BA, Economics). Prior to joining the Conference Board, Darren spent time as an economist at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development; an investment officer at Global Affairs Canada; and a research assistant at the University of Ottawa.

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