The Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials: A Key to Immigrant Integration in Quebec

The Conference Board of Canada, 42 pages, March 26, 2018
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In this new report, the Institut du Québec (IdQ) looks at the difficulties immigrants experience in having their foreign academic credentials recognized in Canada. This problem is more prevalent in the province of Quebec. IdQ recommends the following steps to improve the credential approval process in Quebec.

This publication includes an English Executive Summary, followed by a French version of the full report.

Document Highlights

The Institut du Québec recommends:

  • To centralize the coordination of approval requests for foreign academic credentials.
  • To clarify the role of different players, including that of professional orders.
  • To adopt a system where the assessment of skills is carried out before the final immigration step.
  • To limit compensatory measures to fill in gaps in qualifications between two jurisdictions.
  • To publicly release the number of requests received and processed for the approval of foreign academic credentials.
  • To widen the scope of the France-Québec Agreement.
  • To focus on the retention and integration of immigrants in Quebec.

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