Generation Healthy: Translating Knowledge into Innovative Lifespan Solutions

The Conference Board of Canada, February 22, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Evolving attitudes, behaviors, practices and environments to get more Canadians and their communities more active, more often and in more ways in everyday life is generational work involving all of us. In response Vivo for Healthier Generations and multi- sector partners are advancing an innovative, healthy-living lab called Generation Healthy or Gen H- a generation who were born into but choose to be a part of.

The Gen H Lab is dedicated to working with multi- sectors, developing evidence –based, community-driven, on the ground solutions across all ages to make a positive, measurable, social impact on the health of citizens and communities.

During this session, Cynthia Watson and Nicole Dawe will share some of the epic successes and fails over the last 5 years on how you can shift practices to change results and work differently and with others to build capacity in individuals at play, school, work and home by transforming and linking community assets into supportive environments reinforcing life-long healthy behaviors.

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn about evidenced based, community driven solutions and their measurable impact
  • Explore opportunities to improve healthy living from and life course and community perspective
  • Gain insights on how working with others differently can influence greater social and systems change

About Cynthia

Photo of Cynthis WatsonCynthia Watson is the Chief Evolution Officer at Vivo for Healthier Generations, a charitable enterprise on a mission to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond. She is a catalyst for mobilizing collective impact and pioneering solutions for all Canadians to enjoy healthier lives by moving more, sitting less and connecting with their communities. Cynthia is happiest surfing ambiguity in a lifelong quest to embolden others to make a bigger difference in the world.

In her parallel universe, she is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, mentor for developing leaders and business coach for small business owners and nonprofit organizations. She is a graduate of the Royal Roads University Master of Arts in Leadership.

About Nicole

Photo of Nicole DaweNicole Dawe is a leader on the innovation team at Vivo for Healthier Generations. She has a passion for integrating community building and storytelling as core practices of any work, especially in social innovation. She holds an MBA and a conjoint Music/Music Education degree from Memorial University in her home province of Newfoundland Labrador.

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