Getting Ahead of the Pace of Change: The CHRO Perspective

The Conference Board of Canada, 44 pages, November 8, 2017
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This briefing brings together the predictions and advice of 27 chief human resources officers about the issues that are most likely to dominate the HR agenda in Canadian organizations over the next decade.

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Chief human resources officers (CHROs) are aware that difficulties in finding critical talent are already becoming a potential impediment to achieving strategic business results. At the same time, increased regulation is changing the skill sets that are valued and necessary.

In this briefing, CHROs highlight key strategies that they expect will help their organizations to respond to future challenges. Among other things, they anticipate shifts in organizational culture, such as creating a more inclusive work environment by addressing biases and developing more focused health and wellness programs. And they expect different skill sets for new jobs, redesigned jobs and career paths, and more rapid movement between jobs and teams.

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