Adopting Health Care Innovations in Quebec: Suggested Alternative Models

The Conference Board of Canada, 33 pages, March 15, 2017
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This report surveys the existing supply arrangements for Quebec’s health care delivery system, and recommends a shift from the current cost-based system to one that is value-based.

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Quebec will experience slower economic growth in the years ahead, reducing the government’s fiscal capacity. To control the growth in spending and maintain a balanced budget, the province’s health care network should look at new ways of incorporating medical, pharmaceutical, and administrative innovations. This report surveys the current procurement arrangements within Quebec’s health care system, focusing on its deficiencies in adopting innovations. Its recommendations include a shift from the existing cost-based procurement system to one that is value-based. Such a system shifts responsibility to bidders for suggesting solutions to problems defined by the purchaser. The report suggests that the government consider the development of pilot projects to test one or more types of value-based procurement systems. This could produce innovations that would meet health care requirements without exceeding the Quebec system’s ability to pay.

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