Getting Serious about Risk Culture: Clarifying the Concept and Improving Performance

The Conference Board of Canada, February 18, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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Risk culture has emerged as a hot topic in corporate governance and risk management circles. Negative, weak or unhealthy risk cultures are implicated in a range of disasters within and across organizations. Directors, executives and senior risk practitioners are called upon to transform existing risk cultures into positive, strong and healthy alternatives. Despite widespread agreement on the general problem and solution, however, risk culture and its link with organizational performance are shrouded in confusion. What exactly is risk culture? Is it different from organizational culture and safety culture? What is its effect on objectives? How can we change risk culture? It is time for us to get serious about risk culture.

Join us for this discussion that will examine the state of the art for risk culture in organizational contexts. Our speaker, Chris Eaton, will share scholarly insights and practical approaches toward assessing and influencing risk culture that link well with organizational performance. Although risk culture can be somewhat unique within and across organizations, a few elements have been found to apply broadly. Chris will describe scientifically and practically grounded strategies that you will be able to implement in your organization. As such, this webinar is a must for senior risk practitioners, executives and directors who are accountable for assessing and influencing risk culture in the organizations they serve.

Webinar Highlights

In this 60 minute webinar, Chris will dive deeper into:

  • Perspectives on risk culture and related concepts like organizational culture and safety culture,
  • Contemporary insights and approaches toward assessing and influencing risk culture,
  • Specific leading practices that are gaining traction from some top organizations today,
  • Strategies that leaders can use to change risk culture in the organizations they serve

About Chris

Photo of Chris EatonChris Eaton is Director, Enterprise Risk Management with Enbridge Inc., a leader in the safe and reliable delivery of energy throughout North America. He recently completed a Ph.D. in Risk Management from the University of Calgary and previously served as Director, Risk Management with ENMAX and Senior Manager with Deloitte. Chris has authored and co-authored a number of risk-related papers and reports and presented at leading practitioner and academic conferences. He has also developed and delivered educational courses and professional training for a range of learners, from corporate directors to undergraduate students. Chris actively contributes to the advancement of risk management standards.

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