Canada’s Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses: Results from the World Economic Forum’s 2015–16 Global Competitiveness Report

The Conference Board of Canada, November 12, 2015
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Each year, The World Economic Forum releases its Global Competitiveness report, ranking the performance of 140 countries. The report is widely recognized as one of the most authoritative global sources of information and analysis on competitiveness and economic development. Canada’s competitiveness will be compared with peer countries in areas such as business sophistication and innovation, technological readiness, market efficiency, infrastructure, and education and training. But what do these results mean for your business, and the nation as a whole?

This webinar provides an in-depth examination of the results of the 2015–16 World Economic Forum global competitiveness rankings. Don’t miss this chance to hear expert analysis of the results, and the impact that they could have on your business moving forward.

The Conference Board is the Canadian partner organization for the World Economic Forum.

Webinar Highlights

Drawing on a wide range of Conference Board research, this 60 minute webinar will examine how Canada fared this year, highlighting our strengths and weaknesses. We will outline some strategies that governments, businesses, and post-secondary institutions can take to improve Canada’s competitiveness performance.

This webinar will:

  • Outline the foundations of Canada’s competitiveness;
  • Explain why Canada continues to lag behind peer countries on its business sophistication and innovation performance;
  • Highlight some of the challenges and benefits of doing business in Canada;
  • Examine how Canada’s competitiveness performance has changed over time.

About Doug

Photo of Douglas WattDouglas Watt is the Director of Research in the Industry and Business Strategy Group at The Conference Board of Canada. Douglas has been with the Conference Board for close to fifteen years and has focused much of his research efforts on skills for productivity, workforce capacity, workplace learning and development, and organizational effectiveness. He has published over 50 reports, case studies, issue statements and articles.

About Jessica

Photo of Jessica EdgeDr. Jessica Edge is a Senior Research Associate in Industry and Business Strategy at the Conference Board of Canada. Jessica is involved in both the Conference Board’s Centre for Skills and Post-Secondary Education and Centre for Business Innovation. She has conducted research on managing innovation, developing innovation talent, the most problematic factors for doing business in Canada, the innovation capacity of Canadian firms, preparing PhDs for diverse careers, challenges and opportunities for Aboriginal workers, and food issues. Jessica coordinates the Canadian component of the World Economic Forum’s Executive Opinion Survey.

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