The Art of Mentorship

The Conference Board of Canada, May 2, 2014
Recorded Webinar
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Mentoring is more than a skill, it’s an art.

The Conference Board of Canada and The Niagara Institute present a 60-minute recorded webinar that features Ross Roxburgh and Beverley Patwell from the Niagara Institute and Alan Booth from Deloitte Canada.

In this session, qualified and experienced practitioners share with you their wise practices, experiences and advice on how to establish mentoring programs and what you can do to develop mentors so they can be effective in sharing their expertise, knowledge and eminence to develop the next generation of leaders in your organizations.

Webinar Highlights

This session covers the following topics:

  • The definition of mentoring
  • The roles of the mentor and mentee
  • Wise practices in establishing, sustaining and evaluating Mentoring Programs in your workplace
  • The Art of Mentorship, a ‘real-life’ success story on how a Mentorship Program is enhancing the development of senior leaders in a large complex organization to mentor their successors and the next generation of leaders.
  • An overview of how the Niagara Institute supports the Art of Mentorship through skill building and program development.
  • About Beverley:

    Photo of Beverley PatwellBeverley Patwell is the President of Patwell Consulting and a Senior Associate with The Niagara Institute. Beverley coaches leaders and teams to help them become more aware of their choices so they can achieve their desired objectives on individual, team and organizational levels.

    About Alan:

    Photo of Alan BoothAlan Booth is an associate partner with Deloitte Canada in the firm’s Partner Matters group, with specific responsibility for partner development and succession planning in Canada and career development learning across Deloitte’s Americas Region. He brings to this role over 25 years’ experience in Talent management in a wide range of disciplines in the financial services and professional services industries. Alan holds a B.A. in English from the University of Toronto (Victoria College) and an M.B.A. from the Schulich School of Business, York University.

    About Ross:

    Photo of Ross RoxburghRoss Roxburgh is the Interim Executive Director of the Niagara Institute where he facilitates leadership development programs and assists teams in performing at higher levels of effectiveness. Ross has worked in the fields of organizational change and change management for more than 35 years.

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