Risk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk and Governance - May 2011

The Conference Board of Canada, 24 pages, May 2, 2011
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This tri-annual journal presents original articles by leading global thinkers and practitioners on risk management and corporate governance. Authors have a mandate to express opinions and ideas that test readers’ assumptions.

Document Highlights

  • Michael Power talks about what constitutes a “dumb” and “smart” question in risk management, especially for those overseeing the process.
  • Michael Murphy reviews a selection of books and articles on risk that can provide board members and executives with practical information and essential insights.
  • David Wong discusses techniques organizations can use to scan the environment for opportunities and exposures and explores how to characterize, triage, and act on these opportunities and exposures once they are identified.
  • Melanie Lockwood Herman speaks to five common human responses that can derail enterprise risk management efforts time and time again.

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